Prophecy at CCC

Prophecy at CCCWe understand prophecy to be a revelation about a person or situation, given by the Holy Spirit, and spoken out for the benefit of others. We expect these words to be in the form of a message, a statement, a vision, a picture, a passage of Scripture, an impression and/or a sensation.


We value the gift of prophecy and welcome the prophetic at Chiswick Christian Centre. We teach that every believer can prophesy, and we seek to encourage everyone to ‘have a go’. At the same time they are accountable to the leadership. Therefore we require everyone (including ourselves) to observe these guidelines:

1. We believe that all genuine prophecies are to strengthen, encourage and comfort God’s people. 1 Corth 14:3

2. We believe that the Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus, so we look to glorify Jesus Christ and not ourselves through the use of this gift.

3. Unless directed by the leader of the meeting, we only allow those who are members of Chiswick Christian Centre to give prophecies to the congregation or to individuals (for the sake of ongoing accountability), though we encourage visitors to write down any words they receive and to send or hand them to us.

4. Unless directed by the leader of the meeting, we ask people who sense they have a prophetic words to come and share it with one of the leaders on the front row who will decide when/if it can be shared in the meeting or followed up on later.


5. We ask those who prophesy to speak clearly, briefly, calmly and lovingly, on the basis that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophet.

6. We also ask people to be wary of prophesying about subjects in which they have a personal, emotional involvement.

7. We actively discourage directional or manipulative prophecies (i.e. words that tell people what to do with their lives, jobs, health, relationships and so on in the future.) Any directional words should be shared with a Pastor who will decide if and how the word should be shared.

8. We urge that ‘prepared’ prophecies – especially correctional prophesies about the church – should be submitted to the leadership so they can weigh and respond appropriately.

9. We urge people to offer words in humility and to think of prefacing their comments with ‘I sense the Lord may be saying…’ rather than ‘..Thus says the Lord..’ or ‘..God says..’.

10. We believe that character is as important as charisma, and therefore we reserve the right to ask those that are struggling with character issues (particularly sin issues) not to prophesy until the matter in question has been resolved.

11. We recognise that God allows His gift to dwell in imperfect people and that prophetic giftedness is not necessarily a sign of superior holiness or of a closer relationship with the Lord.

12. We remember that our value to God lies in the fact that we are loved and accepted as children and not because we prophesy well or badly.