Empowering Life Joints

And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also. 1 John. 4:21


Closest reflection of our love for Him

There is no room in the New Testament for ministry, spirituality or claimed love for God that does not have love for others at its heart. John puts it so simply, we cannot say we love God and not have a real love for our fellow believers and indeed our neighbour. If our love for others is growing cold, it’s a reflection that our love for God is not where it should be. Paul is equally clear, we can prophesy, have great knowledge, even give ourselves to martyrdom but if we don’t have love we are nothing. (1 Corth 13:2-3)

Jesus our example

Jesus did not have it easy with those closest to Him. While He spoke of going to the cross two of His closest leaders argued about who would be at His left and right side, another stole from the treasury and another doubted much of what He said. Eventually when the pressure grew they all deserted Him and the key leader publically denied Him three times. However His love never failed and following His resurrection He forgave and affirmed them, built them back up and filled them with Holy Spirit. This team that seemed to have failed so spectacularly, turned the whole known world upside down as they carried the message of His Kingdom to near and far. When Jesus gave them the New Commandment to love it was with the reminder of the way He loved them. Each one knew how they had been treated with such overwhelming grace and kindness by Jesus. All they were called to do was passed it on to others.
Friends that Empower
David must have wondered how on earth Samuel’s prophetic word that He would be king would ever come to pass. Saul who had showed Him such favour and even called him a son had turned violently against him and was now given to hunt him down and kill him. It’s at times like this that the faith filled encouragement of a Christian friend can be so pivotal in keeping us going. Whilst Saul hated David, God had a special encouragement from Saul’s son, Jonathan who risked his own life to seek out and find him. He not only came to bring natural support, he prophesied and confirmed David’s future, Do not fear, for the hand of Saul my father shall not find you. You shall be king over Israel..” (1 Sam 23:17) Who knows the affect those timely words had on David’s heart, keeping Him going in a season of great pressure. We can all be His vessels of life and encouragement to those God has put us among.
Joints that Release Life
No one is an island.  As members of His body together we have a great impact on those around us, often more than we realise. Abram was told when he answered his call he would come under great blessing. This blessing would eventually flow to every household on earth! (Gen 12) When we are flowing in what He’s called us to do we positively impact those we’re joined to in God. When we breakthrough it brings a positive impact to all we relate to. Sadly the opposite is also true. Jesus said to the Pharisee’s, You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered.” (Luke 11:52) When we’re not walking in the light we can actually hinder those around us. Our lives really do make a difference to those around us.
True Disciples

Love is the one way the world would really recognise the true disciples of Jesus, By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35) Every relationship that’s more than superficial will inevitability have tensions and times of testing. It’s in these times we can draw on His love which is so far greater than our own and really grow to be true disciples of our ever loving Lord Jesus.
May we all grow more and more in our love for others over this special summer season.
With our love and prayers

Pastors Phil and Caroline.